Track Children

Track vital stats about a child such as Food Intake (breakfast, lunch, water/milk etc), Nappy Changes (wet, dry, soil), Sleep Checks, Daily Notes, Images/Videos and much more.

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Our accurate record keeping features ensures that all data captured is logged and is real-time stamped. It is stored for 7 years or more which makes the centre compliant across the EYLF requirements.

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For Parents

Parents will have access to real-time data about their child including vital stats such as Food Intake, Nappy Changes & important health information. Plus, parents receive photos, videos & updates throughout the day via social posting of their child learning and playing.

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For Centre & Staff

Owna administration portal lets you easily plan and improve business operations through a clear, data-driven approach. Log into your administration portal from anywhere around the world and view business operations through comprehensive real-time reports, stats and data.

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Unique features
of the App & Administration Portal

With so many features we can't list them all, but here are a few standout ones.


Send and receive daily updates in real time as they happen. Information such as event invites, special days, sleep times, play times, photos, meals and much more are delivered to the parents instantly via push notifications.


Backend reporting portal allows the staff to see all the data being captured in real-time from a central location. See attendances, staff movement data, nappy changes & more.


Event Calendar

Teachers can showcase planned events as well as highlighting any important dates. Parents can retrieve and sync the event calendar to show schedules, activities and meals.


Our social media like interface gives you a familiar feel to help navigate all of our features. Teachers and parents can both upload images/videos opening up the communication channel with the centre.

The only platform in the world that considers your brand

Your centre's own native Apps and website

Your Centre's App

Built for both iOS & Android

Google Play/Apple App Store

- Custom apps for your centre, your brand, your identity...
- Safe and secure (SSL). PCI compliant. Data mirrored and backed-up daily
- Different mode for Staff and Parents/Guardians
- Familiar user interface similar with apps that people are already accustomed too
- Easy and fun to use ensuring easy learning curve
- Packed with heaps of feature which are constantly upgraded over time

How do I get one?

Up and running in 72 hours

Below is a quick run down of the time it takes from an order to having your custom App available. Yes, we can guarantee that it will be built within 48-72 hours.


We will come out to your centre and run you through how the app works and all the benefits and features you will get from using it at your centre.

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Day 1


You let us know if you are happy to proceed and what package would suit your centre (refer to package pricing below). You will get a complimentary FREE one month trial and if you are not happy with it, you can simply walk away.

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Day 2

App Build

We build your custom app for you as well as give you access to the administration backend portal to administer it all. We release the app to the App Store and Google Play and it should be ready within a day or two for you to start using. It doesn't get easier than that.

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Day 3

Owna - Simplifying Childcare Management

What our partners say

Hear what some of our happy customers who have their own App are saying.

"The guys were great, the support they provided & their attention to detail in implementing the feedback that we provided made this an invaluable app that we'd wish we had access to much earlier."
Kylie Naughton
Centre Director - Albyn Road Early Education Centre
"Our app works & functions brilliantly and already has proved valuable to our centre as it cuts down all the paper work and makes us compliant. We would recommend that any centre get their own app via Owna."
Maria Acar
Centre Owner - Kidzville @ Kellyville
"Anything that can make our family owned centres run smoothly and efficiently is invaluable. Owna has been able to help us acheive this across our network of childcare centres."
Mary Saad
Director - Malek Group

App Pricing

Let us create your app for you. Below are the packages that are available.

  • Express
  • Express gets you up and running. It allows you to upload images, videos & learning outcomes of children to share with parents.
  • 99c per child / month
  • Your own app in the App Store/Google Play
  • Backend Dashboard for Administration
  • Unlimited photos/videos upload
  • Technical Support
  • Initial on-site set up (if needed)
  • Signup
  • Standard gives you all of the features of Express as well as the addition of EYLF reporting features.
  • $1.99 per child / month
  • Daily Information reporting (i.e. meals, sleep/rest, fluids tracking) (7 years tracking)
  • Nappy Change Records (7 years tracking)
  • Sleep Check Records (7 years tracking)
  • Record notes on child throughout the day
  • Push notifications customised to send to certain individuals/group
  • Our Most Popular Package
  • Signup
  • Premium
  • Combination of both Express & Standard with a bunch of extra additional benefits.
  • $2.99 per child / month
  • Further customisation to Centre's app
  • On-site support (training/technical)
  • Integration service
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Feature request to be escalated
  • Signup

If you are unsure of which package would suit your centre, feel free to contact us and our friendly staff would be more than welcome to run you through each package and what would work for your centre.

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